Advanced Platinum Printing

Advanced Platinum Printing

September 16 – 21, 2018 Rockport, ME Class Size: 10 Registration is through the Maine Media Workshops

This is a technical class on making digital negatives and platinum prints. You will learn how to make curves for all alternative processes but we will focus on making the best curves for platinum printing.

We start by printing step wedges to determine the contrast range for a specific paper and developer combination. We are then able to create a specific curve for that combination. Using this method you can make curves for any alternative printing process from salt to cyanotype, Van Dyke to platinum/palladium. You will be able to create curves for any high quality or professional printer (i.e. Epson, Canon, etc.) No longer will you be dependent on generic or pre-packaged curves.

After you’ve learned to make your curves we return to the darkroom to begin printing. We will work with several papers, developers and clearing baths. We will discuss the advantages of specific warm and cool developers and clearing baths. If we have time and interest we will learn to acidify papers and may even venture into the less commonly used glycerin development.

This class is open to photographers who have a basic knowledge and experience of platinum printing. It is not a platinum printing class for beginners.

Course Goals: To learn to make individual printing curves and understand the how’s, why’s and when’s to use specific developers, papers and other related platinum printing chemistry.

Course Outcomes: At the end of the week you should be confident at creating your own platinum printing curves and platinum/palladium prints using a variety of papers and chemistry.

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