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  • Spirit of Structure: Peters Valley School of Craft

Spirit of Structure: Peters Valley School of Craft

Spirit of Structure: Peters Valley School of Craft

June 22 – 26, 2018 Layton, NJ Registration through Peters Valley School of Craft

In this class we will photograph the buildings and landscape of the Delaware Water Gap Federal Recreation Area. Focusing primarily on the historic buildings at Peters Valley (once the farming village of Bevans) we will also make side trips to some of the preserved and restored historically significant buildings such as Van Campen’s Inn and Millbrook Village. There are also many abandoned farm buildings in disrepair that we may be able to photograph from the exterior. The wonderful thing about buildings constructed or designed during the late 19th to early 20th centuries is the use of windows to provide interior light. Watching this light play across the spaces will help us to photograph our experience of what exists today.

I believe that better images are made when you have a chance to return to places with new and informed eyes to photograph them again. After an initial introduction to the locations as a group you will have the opportunity to return to those places you are most drawn to. Group critiques throughout the week will provide peer feedback on our images, another invaluable tool for creating better images.

In this workshop we will focus on creating photographs. All camera formats, film and digital, are welcome. All levels of skill are welcome but you must know the basics of working with your particular camera. Large format and film are always welcome in my workshops but there is no opportunity for processing film.

We will make time for a few critiques during the week. Film photographers should bring prints from previous work to share with the group. Digital photographers should bring their own laptop to edit for critique.

Course Goals: My goal is to assist you in making the best pictures you can make during our week together. I want you to make your images, not mine. I can help with the craft and we can talk at length about your ideas but in the end it is your willingness to push yourself to seeing and photographing in ways you might not have previously.

Course Outcomes: By the end of the week my hope is that you leave enthusiastic about making more photographs using the tools and concepts you were exposed to during the workshop. You will not leave with a portfolio of ready-for-exhibition prints but rather with a refreshed creative self who is ready to make new work.


Registration for this workshop is through: Peters Valley School of Craft