Tillman Crane / STRUCTURE

In the middle of a train station sits a news stand… white plates and bowls line a shelf… an organ sits on stage, dwarfed by pipes and a proscenium arch… huge engines stand idle in a Boston pump house… a white plastic chair in the glare of a porch light… two windows of a 19th century woolen mill.. a granite angel… a grand staircase… a church roof… the beauty of design far exceeds the intended purpose. Here exists a spirit of structure. Places that have been designed with more than utilitarian intent, with a nod toward beauty… There is a power here, a presence, if you will. It is as if the actors have stepped out of the frame for a moment and will shortly return. Their spirit, their essence, remains in the great halls and small corners of our lives. The spirit of structure.


Hardcover $65
Limited Edition w/ print $450

Platinum Prints (unmatted, unframed)

5x7 $500
5x12, 8x10 $1000
11x14 $2000
8x20 $2500
12x20 $3500
16x20 $4500

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