Alchemy of Light

Audio is muted during the first 2:37 of this video, after which sound will be present.

The Alchemy of Light, Tillman Crane’s Platinum Images opened at the National Art Museum of China on November 26, 2016. This was the first major retrospective of my forty years as a photographer and the opening was quite an experience! The guest list included famous Chinese photographers and dignitaries from the Chinese art and political world. After the opening ceremonies and a tour of the exhibition, I sat and answered questions for an hour from the curator of the exhibit, Dr. Zhu and the audience. This short video (insert link) gives you a sense of the occasion.

The exhibition off one hundred 8x20” and 16x20 platinum photographs almost filled the entire third floor of the museum. In a smaller gallery Dr. Li’s prints were exhibited amidst a two-dimensional re-creation of my darkroom and Dr. Li’s platinum prints. In addition, 30-foot banners of me working with my camera and images of my work were hung throughout the space.

I would like to thank the co-curators, Dr. Li Zhenxi and Dr. Zhu Jiong (from the Photography School at the Beijing Film Academy), who made this exhibition possible. I am grateful to Baoshang Bank and the Chinese Photographers Association for sponsoring the exhibition. Many thanks also go to Charles Dukes and the Chinese photographers who shared images of the opening with me.

I hope you enjoy this brief tour of the exhibition.